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Quick Thought: Deathwing
September 21, 2010, 11:52 am
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Seeing the new direction that some boss fights have taken in WOTLK, and how heavily applauded those were (Dreamwalker and the Lich King in The Halls of Reflection come to mind), is it possible that our goal in Cataclysm isn’t to actually kill Deathwing?

Back when it was time to deak with Malygos, Alexstrasza displayed remorse for having it end in his death.

  • “I did what I had to, brother. You gave me no alternative.”
  • “This resolution pains me deeply, but the destruction – the monumental loss of life – had to end. Regardless of Malygos’s recent transgressions, I will mourn his loss. He was once a guardian, a protector. This day, one of the world’s mightiest, has fallen.”

She seen a once fellow aspect driven mad and mourned his loss. Even more, Bolvar asked for her permission to take out the risen Frost Wyrms that were before the Battle of Angrathar the Wrathgate, indicating that honoring the dragonkin persists even after death and indeed resurrection, despite them not being who they once were. She expresses her grief for seeing her fellow red dragonflight being raised as servants of the scourge:

“Life is my Aspect, Dark One, and I, like all mothers, know both the pain and wonders that entails! For the past several years, I have watched my children be raised as instruments of war, slaughtered if they proved insufficient or too willful! I have lived knowing that so many died that I could do nothing for!”

Is it not possible that Alexstasza will declare that she cannot bare to see another aspect fall and instead vow to release the once protector of the earth, Neltharion, from the Old Gods? As we have already witnessed, it is us who answers to her when it comes to the dragons, and no one is going to challenge Deathwing without first consulting the Dragon Queen.

I think Blizzard saw how much awesome feedback they got from the new directions a few of the boss fights took. This may not be what happens, or even remotely close, but I won’t be a bit surprised if Cataclysm doesn’t end with Deathwing’s head hanging in the front of Stormwind or Orgrimmar. Or hanging off the side of Dalaran.

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You know what I think would be an awesome raid? We’re shrunk down and sent into Deathwing’s brain to confront and defeat his nightmares. Once we defeat them, he’s set free to restore the planet.

Comment by Nina

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