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If These Walls Could Talk…
January 23, 2010, 6:49 pm
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Every time you log into World of Warcraft, you summon and gain control over your character’s movement and actions. This character is a creation of you- you are the creater, you are the master, and any action to be made is processed through you first.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if your character could talk? If it had a voice of his/her own? How would a conversation sound like if you could talk with them?

Would they complain about how much you curse at them, or about how bad you are at PvP? Would you play the part of an ominous deity, and introduce yourself as their god? Would they be frightened at this, or have suspected they weren’t in complete control of their actions all along?

If Azryu Could Talk

  • Quite angrily, I begin to say, “Really, that damned rouge is just sulking around Hodir dailies area, just looking for people with no HP left to gank. At the very sight of resistance, he flee’s. [Obscenity] [Obscenity] Terrible player! [Obscenity]”
    • “Who is there? Why are you recounting my events as your own?!”
  • … odd. Interesting coincidence that someone should say something like this, but I’m going to turn ventrilo off.
    • “If you remain in silence and secret, do not think for a moment I will hesitate to take action against you should be so foolish as to show yourself!”
  • “Most strange…” I begin to think of what to say, but before I can finish the thought, the rouge is back. He seen that I hadn’t refreshed my frost barrier, and thought he might prove his worthiness in killing me then. I push my thoughts of this foriegn voice aside, concentrating, so that I can ensure this rouge does not escape me.
    • Having also pushed aside thoughts of the foreign voice, and after having killed the rouge, Azryu said, “You should not be so foolish as to provoke my incantations, rogue. Though I know it to be futile, I can only hope something has been learned from your needless death. You took me by surprise the first time- but unlike your kind, we magi learn from our mistakes. I pray to the light that you should be reborn anew- in body, and in mind.”
  • It was at this point I realized that it was my character to whom the voice belonged to. To see my mage speak for himself- and to be so noble! “You are indeed just as righteous as I had envisioned, and intelligent as I could have wanted. For that I am glad.”
    • “So it seems that you have not tarried away. Though it may not have been the smartest of choices, it proves that you are not hostile to me, having not ceased the opportunity to capitalize on the other foe’s presence. So again, why is it that you insist on speaking with me?”
  • “Well, you are a creation of me, in the image of me. Without me, you could not take any action, or learn any skill.”
    • “Blasphemy! How dare you assume the role of a titan; you are unworthy!”
  • “I know that you began your training as a mage in Northshire Abby. I know that during the beginning portion of your training, you believed that gems absolutely had to match thier sockets color. I also know that it was not Azryu that the people refered to you as back in those days. I know your true name, Theawàkening, and I know every name you have ever considered before choosing Azryu too.”
    • “What kind of sorcery is this? The magi have long since known how to block the intrusions of others in our minds, and yet you seem to know things which only I could! Do I folly—“
  • “You are safe, no one can read your thoughts. You have not failed- rather, you have suceeded in far more then I could have ever hoped for at your conception. You have proved most worthy.”
  • “As I stated before, you are a creation of me. My actions determine yours. However, it was not up until this point that I had considered the idea that you have a conciousness of your own…”
    • “The very foundations of our world begin to tremble at our feet… I’d be a fool to think I am alone in this predicament. How many others—“
  • “Everyone. Everyone in your existence has a master, though I must admit there are those whose masters rule over I, and most of Azeroth. Everyone you group up with, everyone you add to your friends list- they are the same as you. Controlled by us. However, your leaders, your guards, your heroes- they are all lead by our masters. They control this game, errr- world, and we abide by their rules.”
    • “King Varian… Jaina… Rhonin… all of them serve another?!” For a moment, Azryu thinks. “Perhaps some good can come of this. If what you say is true, I plea to you that you should see to it that the lich king should fall! It should also be insured that our world could finally come to peace! Too long has blood been shed over our factions old hatreds, the time has come to set these trivialities aside!”
  • “I could suggest to our leaders that these things should happen, but I am sorry to say that my plea would not result in peace between the Alliance and the Horde. However, have faith, for the Lich King will fall. But there is something I should tell you, since you are my character after all. While you fight in Northrend, an evil stirs beneath the surface of your world… Deathwing is awakening.”
  • Almost as soon as I finished my sentance, Azryu began to cast a teleportation spell, heading to Dalaran. Is he beginning to show signs of free will? I quickly cancel the cast.
    • “No! You must not prevent me from telling my people! The Kirin Tor must be warned!”
  • “You must not. The fate of Azeroth is predetermined, that is not how it was meant to be.”
    • “You spew nonsense! If what you say is true, how is it that our mutual acknowledgement of each other’s existence plays a part in this future? What role do we serve?! This does nothing but to work against the future you have planned for us- explain yourself!”
  • “I… I do not know why.”
    • “So brazenly you announce yourself as the manipulator of my actions, the master of my domain- but when questioned you prove to be nothing more then a fool! Think for yourself for a moment- if the future you say is predetermined is indeed meant to be, our knowledge of each other works towards the contrary. We must take this information to our leaders, we mustn’t blindly accept what we take for granted as common truth. This has been proven to me today. I never thought that I would turn out to be controlled by some being from another parallel realm of existence, and yet here we are.”
    • “Together, we must challenge what we thought to be unalterable, and fight for the future we set out for ourselves!”
  • At this point, I see him starting his teleport spell again. I do not challenge him- he is right. Nothing about this makes sense. As he finishes the cast, I see him vanish, but my camera view does not follow. It seems he is no more or less then I. He has what we all have now- right to free will.
  • I will not challenge him.

__ __ __ __ __

I submitted this idea to be a future Blog Azeroth Shared Topic. If you would like to contribute to the topic, write up a post describing how a conversation between you and your character w0uld go, or go all the way and write a script for it (like I did). If you do write about it, please visit my forum post over at Blog Azeroth and paste a link into a reply!

Also, I don’t RP, so be easy with your judgement! Haha.

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