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A Feeling Of Nostalgia
January 8, 2010, 9:19 am
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Those of you who have read my posts for some time are likely familiar with the fact that I one wrote under another blog name: A Mage’s Guide to Life. The reason I relocated to here in the arcanery is that I wanted to escape the idea that my blog was a home for just mage guides, and that there was room for discussion and other random things as well.

As of right now, I have finally laid to rest AMGTL. It had a good run, and I don’t regret making it, working on it, or writing under it. Looking at it one last time reminded me of how much I’ve learned about blogging in general, as well as other things- listening to Bre and Fim of the Twisted Nether Blogcast every week, and listening to the much anticipated blogger interviews. There are a few I remember better then others, for example the interview with Euripedes of Critical QQ– namely the line that went something along the lines of “we mages have OUR OWN CITY, floating beautifually above the peons.” There was also the interview with Larisa of The Pink Pigtail Inn, which I enjoyed thoroughly. Larisa, and her bartender that she has staffed since then, always have thought provoking posts to read.

AMGTL. The blog will die today, but the name will live infinately- echoing throughout the passageways of the world wide web.

__ __ __ __ __

To honor AMGTL, I will end this post in the traditional way I always did back when I wrote there. I’ll end with one of my favorite quotes.

Quote of the Day:

The bravery of mortals never fails to astound me. Death affixes its cold stare upon you and in return you rise to the challenge its assertion! It is why you kind is so loved… and so hated.


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Awwww, you really deleted it? It’s a sad day.😦

I always enjoyed the quotes at the end.

Comment by repgrind

Thank you for the comment! I am very glad to see someone other then myself enjoyed them.

Ill make an effort to put up quotes at the end of my posts if I have any good ones in mind. Though, I can’t say they will always be about WoW, but of course if there is one to be had, I’ll post it! (Though for the multi-post thing as special posts I am probably not going to. Just the everyday ones.)

Comment by Azryu

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